In the Omsk region opened a new pig farm

July 20, the governor of the Omsk region, Viktor Nazarov took part in the opening of a new pig farm production capacity to 110,000 heads or 9000 tons of meat a year. Cutting-edge technology and the best gene pool used in the complex can get the raw meat of the highest quality.

Building pig farm was the main link in the creation of a closed production cycle. A necessary complement to SVINOKOMPLEKS will feed plant design capacity of 10 tons complete pelleted feed per hour with an elevator to the 30,000 tons of storage. The company plans to complete the construction of this facility by the end of 2012.

At present, the number of pigs, cattle-breeding complexes were grown in the Omsk region, has 700,000 heads. When running at full capacity of a new pig herd it will grow significantly. The first offspring from five thousand breeding pigs got here back in April, and today the population has been 35,000 pigs. For the operation of the complex created 250 jobs.

For the realization of the entire project — from start of design work before the grand opening of the pig farm took just 17 months.

Ltd. "Ruski" is one of the largest producers of meat products in the Omsk region. The company’s share in the production of meat products is about 30%. Products are manufactured under the brand name "Siberian sausage."

"The opening of the livestock complex — a landmark event for the Omsk region. We would all areas for such a complex area, and would live with dignity, because it is the center of the advanced technologies in agriculture. These companies not only increase the credibility of the industry, but also make it attractive for other investors. We get new jobs and decent wages for locals and taxes in the budget to address social problems. My dream is that this complex was in every district, "- said the governor Viktor Nazarov during a visit to the farm. He also thanked the investors that have fulfilled their commitments and implement all our plans at the optimum time.

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