In the Omsk region opens the season’s first major rural Pool

November 16 is open sports season in the swimming pool near the village of Sargatskoe Omsk region. The total cost of the project amounted to 80 million rubles.

Uniqueness of the pool and in that the water for it not only passes through the cleaning system, but is ozonized softener. It is expected that the opening ceremony will attend a three-time Olympic figure skating champion Irina Rodnina.

Over the past five years in the Omsk region built and rehabilitated 30 sports facilities, among them — six stadiums, seven swimming pools, six ice rinks, six gyms, three track and field and one football arenas. This year will be put sports training center with the office of rhythmic gymnastics.

The first large swimming pool in the village of Omsk region, located in Sargatskoe, built as part of a social project "Construction of fitness centers" and the Federal Target Program "Development of physical culture and sports in Russia for 2006-2015".

The pool is equipped with modern sports equipment for water, gidrolistom swimming lessons for people with disabilities. Length bowl, designed for four-track is 25 meters, width — 8.5 m, depth — 1.8 meters. The building has a swimming complex provides an analytical laboratory to monitor the quality of water.


In the coming years there will be hockey courts in district towns and Tevriz Bolshereche, which also will be renovated sports complex and stadium for a "Queen of Sport 2012". Ice arena will be built in Kalachinsk, Omsk sports training center with the office of cycling and track cycling.

The Governor Leonid Polezhayev said in the budget message that in 2012 the proportion of the population of the region, regularly engaged in physical culture and sports, and is expected to grow to 25%, and this is further almost 40,000 people. "We need a healthy society, a healthy young, healthy physically and spiritually," — said Leonid Polezhaev.

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