In the Omsk region released a new senopodborschik

On the mechanical plant "Kalachinsky" in the Omsk region mastered assembly senopodborschika improved model. Technical novelty was called "August" and is the result of cooperation with German partners, factory workers — by "Stolpen." Part of the components for the pick — hydraulics, electronics — comes from Germany. On Kalachinsk factory made chassis and assemble.

Unique in its technical parameters agricultural unit features high performance, fully adapted to Siberian conditions. On the field, it can not only quickly gather hay in rolls, but also thanks to special cutting system automatically harvest hay. Pick-up is capable of transporting and grind up to 8 tons of green matter. This will shorten the bookmark Hay, will improve the quality of forage. In all characteristics "August" is superior to all these domestic trailer devices, and the price cost almost three times cheaper than their foreign counterparts.

At first instance senopodborschika latest style already has a buyer. In this year of "Mekhzavod" Kalachinsky "plans to build 10 more units.

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