In the Omsk region will create a research center carbon and polymers

The Council for Economic Development of the Omsk region supported the establishment of regional research center of carbon and polymers. Discussion of the concept of the center was dedicated to the joint meeting of the Council for Economic Development and the Commission on modernization and innovative development of the economy of the Omsk region, held under the chairmanship of the Governor Leonid Polezhaeva on Friday, March 30. The strategic goal of this project is to create a scientific and technical complex world level. Potential participants in the project are confident that this advanced production should be based solely on the development of national science and technology is not leveraged, combined with the development of the high competitiveness of its own exports. In this case, it’s not just about the process flow of knowledge and technology in the production from the outside, but on the reverse process when the production company has been active in the commercialization of technological knowledge obtained. This model involves active interaction with external sources of new ideas and technologies, the ability to achieve an open exchange of new knowledge among producers, basic science and educational institutions.

Currently, oil refining and chemical production have almost 70% of the shipment of industrial products Omsk region. The share of chemical products and rubber in the export of the Omsk region was 74%. The sector employs nearly 17,000 people. Chemical direction is one of the strategic importance for the economy of the Omsk region. Prerequisites for the creation of a new research and development center is in the area of the carbon black is a powerful fundamental scientific potential in the field of carbon-based materials, including the only preserved in the Institute of Catalysis of the country and the institution of carbon black. Results achieved in refining catalysts and in part of increasing the depth of processing, are one of the best examples of effective work of science and business. The creation of the center, which will allow for a clear-oriented research to the needs of specific manufacturers, provided a bunch of "science — production."

The second important premise of the center — the achievement of industrial and technological limits in the main production "Omsktehuglerod." If you upgrade the company by purchasing ready-made foreign technology, it will only get on a level with the world’s pool of players: borrowing the technology, it is impossible to beat foreign competitors. You can expect to win, only offering a fundamentally new products, reducing costs and increasing productivity. To achieve all this is only possible at the expense of developing a commercial system of research and development. In this context, "Omsktehuglerod" the customer is concerned with the payment of R & D, provides the technological basis for the test.

Integrated regional policy to stimulate innovation, which was built in the region, is a major factor in the organization of the research center. The Governor Leonid Polezhaev noted that the interests of the development of the region is inextricably linked with the search for forms of organization and participation of all industrial institutes in developing new types of products demanded by the market. The government of Omsk region has the experience to support innovative projects through public-private partnerships. Ideas and initiatives related to economic development, innovation should receive organizational, political support. The head of the region do not rule out that the research center may eventually become one of the leading elements of the innovation development of the new economic policy, which is implemented in the region. The starting point in the implementation of this project will be the signing of the Agreement of the parties, a draft of which will be revised taking into account the procedure of the discussion. 

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