In the Orenburg region 30 Zemsky doctors got a million lifting

In the Orenburg region are actively implementing a project to attract young doctors to work in rural areas.

Orenburg became the first Russian region where the project is "Zemsky Doctor" actually earned — 29 February the country’s first recipient of 1 million rubles as elevating became surgeon CRH October district Vladimir Chizhma, get to work in the past year. The next day, another 29 rural doctors have won lifting. Thus, already 30 young rural doctors were 1,000,000 rubles, another 20-minute lifting specialists will be listed on the account until April 1.

At present, 50 young doctors of the 24 municipalities of the region, who came to work in rural hospitals in 2011-2012., Have become parties to the new project (including 44 specialists have started to work in rural areas in the past year, six — in the current ).

Among the areas that have received the completion of recruitment in the past and this year — October, Novosergievsky, May Day, Adamovskiy, Saraktash, Sakmarskiy, Asekeevsky, Ileksky, Buzuluksky, Buguruslansky, Ponomarevsky, Tyulgansky, Kurmanaevsky, Tashlinsky, New Orsk, Orenburg, and other areas.

In total area for country doctors provided 69 million rubles of federal funds. However, the reserve fund will increase that number — if the number of people willing to go to work in the village will be more. It is planned that the rural health field for two years waiting for the completion of a hundred young doctors. This will solve half the problem of rural health personnel.

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