In the Orenburg region built facility for processing oilseeds

The commissioning of new production facilities for processing of oilseeds soybeans, canola, sunflower and other oilseeds, scheduled in the Orenburg region, in Sorochinsk in the second half of the year.

Group of Nizhny Novgorod oil and fat factory "NMGK" — is the initiator of the project, LLC "Sorochinskiy OEP" (OOO "SMEZ") is an organization that is implementing the project.

Up to 400,000 tons of oil seeds — will be an annual refining capacity of oil-bearing crops, to 160,000 tonnes — will be in the year of production of vegetable oil, high-protein meal — up to 150 thousand tons.

About 2.8 billion rubles — will make a total investment, including — more than 1.8 billion rubles are borrowed funds, and one billion rubles — their own.

Construction of an oil extraction plant will be carried out on a plot of 91,440 square meters. m-owned company. Excluding staff, plans to create 279 new jobs with the level of pay of not less than the industry average.

To dispose of sunflower that is not used to generate process steam, the company intend to apply the technology of granulation (15 thousand tons per year).

It is recalled that in the Orenburg region appears enterprise capable of processing almost all crop oilseed farms Orenburg. Its location in the center of a sunflower growing zones to minimize the costs for raw materials to the point of sale, and the emergence of regional demand for rapeseed will help to increase the acreage of this crop and the more efficient use of soil-climatic potential of agricultural production.


For the record:

The group of companies "Nizhny Novgorod Oil Oil Factory" is one of the largest in Russia for the production of products of vegetable oils. It is included in the federal list of strategic organizations of the Russian Federation.

In the State Company "NMGK" consists of 14 existing production enterprises, including oil-3 fatty plant, two oil-extraction plant, 8 elevators and grain companies, as well as under construction Ltd. "Sorochinskiy oil-extraction plant", on the site where this investment is realized .

JSC "Orenburg oil-extraction plant", included in the GC "NMGK" since 2002, is now working steadily now, annually processes more than 140 tons of sunflower.

In 2010, the assets of the Group of Companies "NMGK" in the Orenburg region came LLC "Sorochinskiy elevator."


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