In the Orenburg region completes modernization Sorochinskaya central hospital

In five capitally renovated offices Sorochinskaya CRH (surgery, cardiology, medical, pediatric and maternity), as well as in the operating unit physicians working in the operating mode. 

Modernization program in the past year Sorochinsko health received 118 units of equipment for a total of 41.9 million. The resulting technology not only increased the percentage of staffing CDH medical equipment from 73.6 to 94, but is already actively working to improve the quality and accessibility of health care. A planned for the current year are 21 pieces of equipment worth a total of 19.6 million fully resolve the question of staffing CRH in medical technology.



The updated surgical department with new equipment has made 57 transactions. In capitally renovated maternity ward of 225 children were born. On the new computer tomography performed 264 studies. 

Obtained 57 seats automated physician. Almost every doctor-patient network at your workplace already has the ability to record patient to regional hospitals. Tasked with conducting electronic medical record keeping and analysis of medical activities, registration of medical records electronically.   


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