In the Orenburg region ends with the implementation of the next stage of the federal target program State Border of the Russian Federation

In Orenburg, opened a complex of buildings and structures of the FSB Border Guard Office of Russia in the Orenburg region.

Construction of the complex began in July 2009 in the neighborhood "village Rostoshi" the city of Orenburg. In addition to the administrative building with office rooms and other facilities are built sports complex, garages for official vehicles, facilities to provide stand-alone mode of life (boiler, diesel).

In 2009 — 2010 years, according to the federal target program "State Border of the Russian Federation", in p.Pervomaysky, p.Tashla, g.Sol-Iletsk p.Akbulak, g.Kuvandyk, p.Dombarovsky, p.Svetly, p.Adamovka was completed construction and commissioned eight modern complexes border towns of district departments of Russian FSB Border Guard Department of the Orenburg region.

military camp in paragraph Tashla (2009)


open a border town in the village. Light (2010)


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