In the Orenburg region has earned the first biogas plant

— Provide heat and electricity for rural communities through the use of new technologies — that is the problem to be solved, — said the regional governor Yury Berg. Last week, he visited the village. Samorodovo, which launched the first biogas plant in OGB-25 with a gas piston power plant capacity of 17 kW.

Installation by OOO "Complex disposal system" and is designed to produce high-quality gumirovannyh fertilizers and soil through biotech processing cattle manure.

As the head of the governor Nikolai Kokorev enterprise, liquid fertilizer "Samorodovo" contains all the necessary trace elements for plants and bio-stimulants class auxin, twice or more increase crop yields. — According to its effects on plant growth liter of concentrated fertilizer ekvivalenten100 kgnavoza — he compared.

At the first stage of the project — the production of liquid fertilizers — the entrepreneur took 3.5 million. Twice as much money is needed for further development — the installation of a separator for separating manure into liquid and solid fractions and the introduction of a complex for the production of soil-ground. Through participation in various local and regional programs, the company has received support from the state. — As part of the urban program of business support we get subsidies on rent, the second regional program where we get subsidies for the purchase of equipment, as an innovative company, and the third — "Energy efficiency and energy conservation," — shared Nicholas Kokorev. There is also a market — Director of the AF "Industrial" Victor Golodnikov praised the innovation and intends to cultivate the field with the use of fertilizers "Samorodovo." — We expect that over the next two years, the installation is completely paid for itself — hopes businessman, adding that the financial interest was added enthusiasm pioneer — It’s new, interesting, and competitors in this business — recycling of organic matter in our area yet.

However, George Berg is more interested in other things. When disposing of biological material in the installation produces methane. In the future, it is used to generate heat, which are heated space station, and electricity. Thus, all along the way energy is generated by the needs of the production.

— Imagine that on the road is a gas filling, the village is provided with heat and electricity, and the cost for this very different, much lower. And when you realize how much it costs laying and operation of, for example, gas pipelines, which costs are rural residents. So it’s time to think about installing powerful biogas plants wherever there for this condition, producing gas and energy enough to provide for their needs completely — suggested the governor. — In this direction, let’s move. Gas, oil, electricity today, only more expensive. And with such biotechnology company becomes volatile. I never tire of saying that where there is livestock, poultry facilities, meat processing and the like, you need to install powerful biogas plants and reduce costs, and the company itself, and residents of nearby communities. And do not forget that it is also the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of biological waste.

Yuri Berg recalled that during foreign trips, he carefully studied the experience of farmers in Europe, where such technologies are developed and a lot of. As a result, the Governor concluded that biogas as a renewable energy source, should be widely used in the Orenburg region.

— Today made the first, albeit tiny, but a step towards a future in which energy will be produced using biotechnology — summed up the meeting Yuri Berg. — While this is an innovative initiative for the area, but it is hoped that similar projects in the near future there will be more.

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