In the oxygen-converter shop CMP put into operation a complex for the production of rail steel

March 1 at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, which is part of a "Mechel", an event that is eagerly waiting for steelworkers, railroad workers, managers and Chelyabinsk region, representatives of Russian big business. In the oxygen-converter shop at the plant was put into operation a complex for the production of rail steel, including continuous casting machine number 5 (CCM-5) and furnace steel processing units.

With the launch of the complex completed the first phase of the ambitious investment project in the modern history of the company — the construction of a universal rolling mill for the production of 100-meter rails for high-speed lines and structural shapes needed in the modern construction industry. The total cost of the project — 5.6 billion rubles.

The date of birth of the project, which, according to the governor Mikhail Yurevich, no analogues in Russia and the world, can be considered in February 2008, when between JSC "Mechel" and JSC "Russian Railways" signed an agreement on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation aimed at providing high-quality Russian Railways metal products, manufactured at the Group "Mechel".


November 13 agreement was signed, according to which of "CMP" will supply the railroad tracks of various modifications in the amount of 400 thousand tons per year. This is a high-speed rail for the combined traffic for high-speed, high wear resistance, contact fatigue, as well as the rails are designed for use in low temperature conditions. Today Railways buy them abroad.

With the launch of rolling mill, construction completion is scheduled for July of this year, it will be possible to abandon the import and use of competitive products of own production.

Implementation of the project, which marks a new stage in the development of the plant, will create up to thousands of additional jobs, solve a number of important social issues and it does not pollute the environment. The project is scheduled to significant contributions to environmental protection measures: the units are equipped with modern reverse cycle water and dust filters. Last year alone, the cost of environmental safety were 900 million rubles this year will be allocated more than a billion.


At a solemn meeting on the occasion of the completion of the first phase of the complex at CMP came many guests, including the president of JSC "Russian Railways" Yakunin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Mechel" I. Zyuzin, Managing Director of "CMP" R. Nugumanov, Head of Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Semenov, Head YUUZHD Popov, Honorary Metallurgist Zaitsev.

While the guests took their seats, the journalists had a rare opportunity to see the entire processing chain of 100-meter rails — from steel smelting to rolling and heat treatment. It was literally a colorful show.

The festive solemnity of the moment stressed in his speech and opened the meeting Yakunin:

— The tasks set before the country’s leadership Railways, demanded the creation of this production, — said Vladimir. — What we see today — the best answer to those who say that nothing in Russia is built and not made. This year marks the 175th anniversary of Russian Railways, the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Combine — 70. And on the Rights of the older brother I want to assure you all that in the next, the anniversary for you, we are going to open is not just a new technology, and the real plot of the new rails. All we are waiting for a big and important work on development of Russia.

With the successful completion of the construction of the complex plant workers congratulated Governor Mikhail Yurevich, participants who presented the diplomas and letters of thanks. A Managing Director of "CMP" by R. Nugumanov stressed that the annual introduction into service of industrial facilities at the plant — already a tradition.

In honor of the completion of the complex for the production of rail steel, each of the top managers rapped on his own commemorative medal with the logos of "Mechel", "Russian Railways" and CCM-5.

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