In the PDB number 7 Volgograd opened a children’s surgical center

In the PDB number 7 of Volgograd appeared unique, one of the South of Russia, modern surgical unit in the children’s department — it allows doctors to carry out operations of any complexity, even in newborn babiesThe cost of the purchased equipment — 244 million rubles.

In the 7th Volgograd equipped small hospital operating rooms, equipped with an integrated endoscopic operating, updated surgery, cardiology and intensive care department. For these purposes, a total of federal and regional budgets for the modernization program has sent more than 400 million rubles.

In children‘s cases were repaired and bought more than 80 pieces of new equipment. All of this will annually provide emergency and routine care for more than 13 thousand young patients from all over the Volgograd region. For them, 9 of specialized units deployed by 290 beds. 

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