In the Pechora (Komi Rep.) implemented a major energy-saving project

In the Pechora implemented major energy-saving project for the construction of an automated gas modular boiler. Implementation of the project will improve the reliability and quality of heat supply of the city, and almost a third lower the cost of production of thermal energy to the local budget.

New boiler that heats the housing stock Pechora and a number of objects of the economy and the social sphere, has replaced two old (№ 1 and № 18), which are already worn out. It is expected that the project will reduce the cost of production of thermal energy by 26%, equivalent fuel consumption is reduced by 34%. By reducing the amount of fuel will decrease significantly the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The expected annual economic effect of implementing the project may be more than 10 million rubles.

Boiler room is fully automated, which allows you to work offline without permanent attendance. Installed two hot water boilers heat capacity of 6.5 megawatts (MW) each, and a boiler capacity of 3 MW. Works by modulating boiler room scheme: the temperature of the coolant supplied to the network is automatically adjusted depending on the outdoor temperature. The data transmitted by the weather with a sensor that is mounted on the building boiler.

The project was implemented GBU "Komi republic Energy Efficiency Centre" subordinate office of the Komi Republic at the rates under the regional program "Energy saving and energy efficiency in the Komi Republic (2010-2020)." Construction of a boiler made from extra-budgetary sources.

Also on today as part of energy conservation in the Pechora completed the partial modernization of six boilers. This will reduce the cost of consumption of electrical energy used in the production of boilers and increase turnaround time. The work carried out Komi regional center energy efficiency.

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