In the Pediatric University of St. Petersburg opened a modern perinatal center

Perinatal Center Pediatric University — medical-care institution that provides all kinds of skilled, high-tech hospital care in the field of neonatal surgery, juvenile obstetrics and gynecology, neonatology, as well as outpatient, consultative-diagnostic, genetic, medical and rehabilitation services to children and women of childbearing age .

The center has:

— hospital with 116 beds (the pathology of pregnancy, generic for 5 individual birth, obstetric physiology, pathology, newborns and premature babies, neonatal surgery, anesthesiology, intensive care and neonatal intensive care, anesthesiology and intensive care for pregnancy, labor and childbirth, gynecology, surgery block) ;

— 6-day hospital beds;

— consultative and diagnostic department by 50 per shift with the office computer and magnetic resonance imaging;

— Department of assisted reproductive technologies on 800 cycles per year.

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