In the Penza region began production of Italian cheese

"Mega-Master" in the village of Virga Nizhnelomovskiy region Penza region in 2009 is engaged in the production and processing of milk and brackish smoked cheeses. The company recycles every 10 tons of milk per month produces 37 tonnes of finished products. After the reconstruction of production facilities and technological re-equipment company will be able to increase processing up to 30 tons of milk per day.

At production uses only natural ingredients and only whole cow’s milk, milk procurement is carried out in local farms.

Since July 2012 "Mega-Master" started production of young Italian mozzarella cheese four species. In addition, in 2012, will also start production of the original Bulgarian feta cheese.

  • motsarellnaya machine

In "Mega-Master" employs 28 people — villagers Virga, in conjunction with the launch of the new plant is motsarellnogo additional recruitment.


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