In the Penza region began to supply camelina oil to Europe

Company Henry Lamotte Oils (Germany) plans to buy up to 3,000 tons per month of Penza camelina oil, a product in Europe Russia buys first, the ministry of agriculture of the Penza region on November 25.
Already shipped the first trial batch of Penza — 600 tons.


Camelina — oil crops, crops in the region which in recent years has been actively revived. Cultivation of this unpretentious culture is characterized by low cost and high yield. The Germans are going to use camelina oil for biodiesel production, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, the food industry. Especially the German specialists attracts ecological purity of the Penza production.
"This will be the first order for sustainable farmers. Little Red is gradually turning into a security culture ", — quotes the Minister of Agriculture Marat region Faizova RIA" Novosti ".
The German side is ready to invest landing future crop camelina. The first batch of oil delivered to the Germans, manufactured Penza company "Ramis" that ten years on the market, also produces sunflower and rapeseed oil cake.
The authorities of the Penza region plans to plant profitable crop about 350-400 thousand hectares of land.

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