In the Penza region commercial production of new types of household appliances

Combined cookers / De luxe / 100×60 / series CookMAGIC / 3 year warranty The products produced at the plant FSUE "PPO EVT". (It makes extensive and detailed explanation of products!)

As described in the provincial Department of Industry, Transport and Energy, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "PPO EVT" purchased 20 units of modern technological equipment in the amount of 136 million rubles. Because of this, the plant has started production of six new species of stoves and boilers.

New products produced nearly 300 million rubles. This represents 22.1% of the total production in the predpryaitii.

On the development of new products and modernization of the region’s budget received 15 million rubles.


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Plant EVT: the economy with a human face

  A group of representatives of the public Penza visited one of the largest companies in the region.

This week in the newspaper "Vedomosti" aired another article Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, under the headline "We need a new economy." To learn how to accept the provisions of this article, the participants in the economic process, on Tuesday, a group of representatives of the public Penza visited one of the largest companies in the region — production association EVT (former factory VEM).

Leap into the Future This company today serves as a good illustration of the prime minister said that the important aspect of the process of modernization — is the most rapid assimilation of imported technologies.


EVT plant produces and delivers successfully abroad (to the CIS countries, Mongolia, India) gas and electric stoves, water heaters manufactured on unique equipment on foreign technologies. Monthly factory ships the goods to the amount of about 100 million rubles.

The second component of production — an issue of equipment for the needs of defense. Plant EVT is constantly involved in the federal and regional target programs, which give support to the budget. For example, last year, under the FTP Factory EVT received 103 million rubles. — We hope to get federal support this year. We hope for 200 million rubles for the development of new elements, — Shares his plans for the company’s CEO Vladimir REVUNOV. — The state invests a major investment in the development of innovative industries. With these funds, as well as through internal investments we upgrade. Only in the last three years, have updated the fixed assets of nearly 30 percent. We, the manufacturers, fully agree with Mr Putin, who raised the issue of "rapid industrialization". And many do in order to bring our production to the forefront. 

Economic recovery begins with science "Restoration of the innovative nature of our economy must begin with the university … The international competitiveness of our higher education should be our national goal," — said in his article, Vladimir Putin. First Vice-Rector of Penza State University Victor Mescheryakov totally agree with the words of the Prime Minister. Visiting a factory EVT, he is happy to see the graduates of PSU.

— I believe that higher education makes a significant contribution to the development of our region, — Says Victor Afanasevich. — We do not separate from life, study the needs of the regional economy. That is why the list of specialties in our university is updated regularly. Every year, we deduce from the reception of 3-4 obsolete specialty and instead introduce new requirement in which the economy is experiencing. I note that it is now recommended that universities and 50 percent of class time to devote production, invite experts to teach acting. All this will strengthen the ties between science and production.

University science is good and the other news announced by the prime minister, that would be several times increased funding initiative developments of scientific teams. Moreover, according to Vladimir Putin, the size of grants should be comparable to those provided to scientists in the West.

To develop the creative class "By investing in the competitiveness of advanced sectors of the economy, and Russia decides to global social problem: the development of the creative class and the formation of the space for its realization", — writes in his article prime. This class can include yourself and Alexey Portnov — Software Engineer microprocessor factory EVT. He does not regret that, in 2002, after graduating from the University, he came to work here.

— Our division is developing a microprocessor-based electronic devices for household appliances, — Says Alex. — We ourselves are programming new devices, develop their technologies. We have impressive results for the domestic electronics.

Member of the first Chechen war, the chairman of the association of war veterans "Power" Oleg Shibaev, examining the production, expressed satisfaction that the domestic industry due to improved quality of weapons: — Glad to hear that significantly reduced weight and dimension specifications of military radios. At the time, they weighed more than 20 pounds and significantly limited the mobility of our troops. Now everything will be different. Changing industry — changing consciousness Vladimir Putin called "logical solution" to the problem of low productivity massive creation of high — and therefore highly paid — jobs. The plant EVT we have seen with your own eyes what the modern workplace. Clean rooms, assembly lines, CNC … Brigadier Electroplating PPO EVT Anna Vdovin happy, these changes:

— I’ve been in this business, my overall work experience — 35 years. The new equipment, modern lines and galvanizing nikelevaniyu products have completely changed not only our jobs, but our consciousness. Look how beautiful and ornate steel our jobs!

Looking around the factory shop, editor of the literary magazine "Sura" Boris Shigin struck by the scale transformation taking place here: — My parents worked at the plant VEM. In my youth I was a frequent visitor here, worked in a factory mug "Young cybernetics." As stated by Vladimir Putin, the new economy is not possible without new technologies. The plant EVT we see confirmation of these words. 

Join forces Today Penza region is a leader in terms of growth PFD in the industry, which increased by 17% compared with 2010. However, there is still much room. About them members of the public spoke during his visit to the plant EVT.

For example, the chairman of the Union of Builders of Penza Alexander Eremkin, after learning that the introduction into service of new housing Penza builders reluctant to use devices produced at the plant EVT, preferring cheap low-quality gas stoves produced outside the region, suggested: — It is necessary to immediately gather builders and tell them about your accomplishments. Penza products should enjoy priority support in all sectors.

To make the global economic breakthrough, society should be consolidated. Its contribution to the economy of the region must do all we, from journalists and writers to politicians and businessmen. After all, everyone will benefit from this. As Vladimir Putin: "The new economy has to give the prospects of each — and businesses, and public sector workers, engineers and skilled workers."

BACKGROUND Over the past year, factory EVT received about 40 million profit. The average salary in 2011 amounted to 14 thousand rubles, and in December reached 18,000. The enterprise now employs more than 2 million people. 


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