In the Penza region opened the company in growing turkeys

The opening ceremony of hatchery "Damate" was held in Kolyshleysky near Penza region on July 19.

Hatchery for up to 1.8 million eggs a year, was the first object of the enterprise, which entered into service in the framework of the project for the production of turkey meat capacity of 15 thousand tons of finished products per year — the whole complex will be a vertically integrated structure, including the poultry houses for rearing and fattening turkey processing plant, packaging, feed mill and elevator, and all the necessary infrastructure.

Commissioning of all components will be implemented in phases during 2012.

The total investment in the poultry project — 7.4 billion rubles.

"The hatchery is the starting part of the production chain, which we plan to launch within the complex. For us it is important that developing such a large project, we create about 500 new jobs for penzentsev — is the work of a modern production with a decent salary and a career, "- said during the opening ceremony of the object Chairman of the Board of Directors of AIC" Damate " Naum Babaev.

He stressed that the investment climate in the Penza region is one of the best in Russia.

"Suppose there is no such possibility, as in Bashkortostan, where the company returns 25% of the investment, but the Penza region to others — in the region, there is no problem connecting to the communications, and in terms of bureaucracy here is perhaps the most rapidly get a building permit, which is significantly helps the business to grow. Probably on the map of our company will be other regions, but the Penza region will be our benchmark, "- said Naum Babaev.

 The governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev gave special thanks to the organizers of a large agricultural business in the region and stressed that governments at all levels are required to support the implementation of such projects in rural areas.

"Before, among some politicians conventional wisdom that agriculture — a" black hole ", but in reality — it’s people that should take care of the state. Everyone who lives and works on the ground, both the government and civil society must help in every way, as all who love the countryside, are worthy of respect. I believe that today we celebrate the great feast, and kolyshleytsy in the future will be proud of their work ", — said Vasily Bochkarev.

As part of the ceremony the regional head handed to representatives of the contractor gifts and certificates of merit for their hard work and contribution to the construction of the hatchery, and then made a tour of the facility.

General Director of "Damate" Rymantas Matskevichyus explained that the eggs to the hatchery are imported from Canada.

"When a egg is checkweighing, sorting and stacking it in the hatching trays on carts, which are then processed with formaldehyde. Thereafter the egg is moved into the incubation room, wherein the process takes place in special cases for 25 days. When the time trolleys are moved to the premises for relocation of eggs to the hatching machine, where for 3 days hatched chicks "- said Rimantas Matskevichyus and invited the delegation to move into the zone of acceptance and sorting.


"It is sort of quality and gender, as well as trimming of beaks and vaccination," — said General Director of the company.

He noted that the shipment is made parties — in chickens fed with litter boxes 80-100 heads, boxes stacked in containers and in a special car — tsyplyatovoz, which is provided to all climate parameters required for day-old chicks, which are then delivered into the house for rearing.

Naum Babaev added that in 2014 "Damate" plans to increase production to 30 tonnes of finished products, and in 2015 — up to 60 thousand tons.

"The total investment in the production of more than 7.4 billion rubles," — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AIC.

Vasily Bochkarev expressed the hope that in the future the company will form a flock of turkeys own mother and abandon costly delivery of eggs from Canada.

Ltd. "Agriculture" Damate "(" APK "Damate") was established in 2012. The company consolidated assets not included in the investment project, which began in January 2012, "Rusmolko" and the Singapore company «Olam International». The company "Damate" specializes in livestock and crop production.

The company entered the project for the production of turkey meat, initiated in 2011. It provides for the creation of a complex with a full production cycle — an incubator, Rearing, fattening, processing — and will be commissioned in phases during 2012.

The production capacity of the plant for growing and processing of turkey meat — 15 tonnes of finished products per year. In 2012 it is planned to increase production to 30 million tonnes in 2015 — up to 60 thousand tons of finished products per year.

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