In the Penza region set up a new plant for the production of bricks

The city Sursko Gorodishchenskoye district at the former foundry-mechanical plant a new enterprise that will produce kiln brick wall M-150-40.

This project is realized, LLC "Kuznetsk construction company", the volume of private investment in the production of 250 million rubles. Additionally expected to attract more 470 million rubles.

According to the investor Andrew Zhivotyagina, The first products will be released from the conveyor at the end of 2012, the capacity of the plant will be about 90 million bricks per year. At full capacity, will be released in a brick factory in 2013.

Currently, the project is working to ensure the energy facility, built kiln dryer, being completed the necessary production facilities at the former Sura casting and mechanical plant.

Future production of raw materials provided — in Gorodishchenskoye district has a rich deposit of clay brick Kanaevskoe. In an enterprise environment will attract about 160 workers from the local population. Product quality is ensured using a modern high-tech equipment Spanish company «AGEMAG». The demand for bricks is in the Penza region and beyond — in Saratov and Samara regions, in Moscow.


The region has several brick factories that produce building materials: the ordinary high strength ceramic bricks made of baked clay or calcium silicate bricks from a mixture of sand and lime, without firing. High-quality ceramic tile roasting brick high strength of the M-150 and M-400 will be issued only at the new plant in Sursko. Now these products are delivered to the Penza region from other regions. These bricks are suitable for brickwork and tiled walls, fences, to lay the foundation for laying pavements, because, having a presentable appearance, have enhanced performance.

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