In the Penza region to increase production stripping reaper

 We write that this production — fraud, see a very interesting discussion in the comments.

This year, it will release 60 units, and two year plan to get to 300.

In JSC "Penzmash" farmers from different regions of Russia spoke about the benefits of local stripper header.
— Most farmers continue to use equipment and technology half a century ago, — Said General Director of the company Slavik Makrtchan. — Meanwhile, we have set up equipment, which allows not only save fuel, but also significantly increase the rate of harvest.

The principle of operation is based on a header ripping rotating combs spike. In this case, the stems are still intact, which is a big plus in improving the productivity of the next year — straw holds good snow. In addition, it protects the delicate spring shoots from April sun and peregnivaya, improves soil fertility.

— Maize took a full set of tests and has established itself with the best hand, — R. Slavik stated.

In the current year of "Penzmash" are planning to release more than 60 headers. Two years later, their production should increase to 300 — 400 a year.

Another production of "Penzmash"

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