In the Perm Regional Perinatal Center opened a children’s clinic


In the Perm Regional Perinatal Center opened Children’s Clinic — Department of Rehabilitation young children.

 In the Kama first implemented a similar project when the hospital and clinic, where there are children under 3 years old, is under the same roof. Doctors clinics provide consultative and diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services to young children (including those who were born with low birth weight and pathology), which came into being in the regional perinatal center.

As the head. child health center Maxim Novikov, these children require a different approach to treatment. Therefore the department is equipped with a unique neurological equipment, equipment for the diagnosis of diseases of the eye. Here are receiving neonatologist, pediatrician, neurologist, ophthalmologist, works functional diagnostics.


 — The clinic done everything to ensure that children who are born unhealthy, were observed on the basis of regional perinatal center. There are specialists who can diagnose and timely appropriate treatment, — said Dmitry Trishkin.

Also in the children‘s clinic will run school mothers where mothers will teach proper care of the children that need special attention.

 Recall Perm Regional Perinatal Center, which opened last fall, is designed for 130 seats for women in childbirth. At the heart of the doctors are monitoring, diagnosis, treatment and post-natal support mothers and babies.

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