In the Philippines, more than 30 fishermen were missing due to the typhoon chime

August 13, 2013. At least 33 fishermen from the eastern Philippine province of Catanduanes were missing due to typhoon "chime". According to the authorities, the sailors set out to sea on Saturday, ignoring storm warnings.

According to the National Civil Defence Committee, because of the typhoon in Bicol province evacuated about a thousand people in the ports of the resumption of the canceled flights vessels waiting more than eight million passengers, canceled many flights.

In some parts of the main Philippine island of Luzon disrupted power supply in several provinces of canceled classes in schools. According to the forecasts of meteorologists tafun carrying with it the winds speed 175 kilometers per hour and gusts of up to 210 kilometers per hour, is moving to the northwest at a speed of 19 kilometers per hour.

Every year during the rainy season from June to December in the Philippine archipelago falls about 20 storms and typhoons. The sad record for the number of victims keeps typhoon in 1991, which claimed the lives of six thousand inhabitants of the island of Leyte.

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China is preparing for the arrival of typhoon

August 12, China National Center of forecasting the weather at sea has issued a warning of the approach of typhoon "Yutor." According to calculation of meteorologists, the typhoon will come out on the coast of China on Wednesday. In this connection has been declared "yellow" hazard level (the second of four). At the moment, the typhoon is moving northwest at a speed of 25 km / h, the maximum wind speed near the center 40m / s, gusts — up to 55 m / c.

Wave height near the coast of southern China's Guangdong province may reach 1.5-2.5 meters, and in the South China Sea — to 8 meters. Recommended to all vessels to return to port.

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Philippines typhoon met with chime

August 12, 2013. The chime typhoon is approaching the coast of the Philippines, may be the most powerful South Asian typhoon for the current year. Chimes major blow came in the most north-eastern province of Aurora, known for its agricultural success, but showers may reach even to the capital city of Manila.

On the way to the coast of the islands Chimes wind speed reached 175 km / h, with gusts up to 210 km / h The system has maintained steady north-west direction, moving at a speed of 19 km / h Initially it was expected that within a radius of 600 km from the eye of typhoon fall from 25 mm of rain in an hour, so for mountain and lowland areas declared anxiety because of the risk of flooding and landslides. Warning distributed and local ports because of the emergence of high waves higher than 2.5 meters.

Unfortunately, the worst predictions come true Filipino forecasters. Landslide victim is a 22-year-old islander, who died from his injuries during transport to the hospital. In the coastal waters of the northern province of Pangasinan lost 25 fishermen whose boat could not dock at the fight with the wind blowing at a speed of 160 km / h A similar fate overtook the 20 fishermen from Catanduanes and Camarines Norte, but it is hoped that they had taken refuge on small islands in the open sea, and would soon return.

Some coastal towns received information about the interruption of power, the breakdown of the roofs of houses in the cities of Aurora. Of the central region of Bicol evacuated about a thousand people, all of them spent the night in shelters. In hundreds of towns, including the capital, canceled classes in schools. Departures and landings domestic flights are not carried out. At airports, waiting for better weather about 1,100 people.

From the neighboring province of Isabela with Aurora report about a woman who was washed away in the river, there is no exact data, it was possible to get her out of the water alive. About the victim knows that she refused to evacuate the home, located in a valley. Passing through the South China Sea, the typhoon chime, 12th out of 20 typhoons expected in the season, strengthened their forces and sent to the coast of China.


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