In the Podolsk (Moscow region) of debris will make the shingles

The problem of waste disposal is becoming more acute. You can not say that there is in this direction is no progress. In the Podolsk have addressed this issue as follows.

The city opened a new line of business for sorting solid waste. It is designed for a capacity of 80,000 tons of garbage a year. That’s half of what the townspeople throw in trash containers for twelve months.

Sorting technology is as follows. Waste spill out into a common hopper, where the total weight of separate stones, gravel and sand. Then, standing at a conveyor belt, men dressed in overalls and masks, hand-sorted waste. Pressed in bales of recyclable materials will be used for the production of paving slabs, curbs, tiles, and plastic film.

In the next few years podolchane intend to complete the entire cycle for sorting and recycling waste into profitable production for the local budget. As well as a new line, additional equipment will be ordered from domestic producers.

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