In the port of Odessa has opened a new grain terminal

  • In the port of Odessa has opened a new grain terminal
  • In the port of Odessa has opened a new grain terminal

April 13 at the Odessa port, the visiting session of the investment forum Odessa FDI-13, in which was inaugurated the first phase (11 containers of 72.4 thousand tons of storage) Androsovsky grain terminal on the pier. Its construction is on an equal financial footing carry GP "OMTP" and the investor — the company "Brooklyn-Kiev". The grain terminal, designed for 240 tonnes of storage capacity and 3.2 million tons of grain per year will be one of the most modern in the Black Sea. The total cost of the project — $ 125 million, 95 million — investments, the rest — the port.  
The opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the terminal of the Odessa Regional State Administration Eduard Matviychuk, acting Chairman of the State Enterprise "ASD", Head GP "OMTP" Yuri Vaskov, representatives of foreign and domestic business entities, regional authorities, stevedoring companies in the port.
Opening the ceremony, Y.Vaskov said that "last year was filled with the first pile in the foundation of the future of modern zernoperevalivayuschego complex, which is implemented through public-private partnerships. Gratifying that the investor has kept his word — just in time built the first phase of the complex … I hope that this year our team together with co-investors will appreciate the new developments … A year ago, the investor promised to pass through the first year, and today we will see how the term — the first phase will be commissioned. We will strive to do everything to Odessa port developed further and continued to build capacity, create jobs, increase contributions to the budget. "

After the completion of all work package will be equipped with sea, rail and road freight terminals. In the meantime, over the territory of the modern port tower silos.

Welcoming the participants of the forum, E.Matviychuk, who a year ago was present at the laying of the grain complex, said that the port of Odessa is an example in terms of attracting investment. And the government, according to the governor, has always supported and will support investors. "I want to assure all investors safely invest in Odessa region. We will do everything to protect your investment and investment interests … — it’s probably something for which is now being chased by all countries. At the start of the economic crisis is very important investment, because they make it possible, first, create jobs, and secondly — to change the infrastructure, improve the living standards of the territory on which the investments are. "- said E.Matviychuk.
According to the CEO of the company "Brooklyn-Kiev" Yuri Gubankova, it is in times of crisis to build — roads, transfer systems, hydraulic structures. And already this year, as the said investor, grain terminal should work. "Exactly one year later the complex will be completed in full, in which he has to work — it’s 240,000 tons of storage, it is 2.3 million tonnes of transshipment at the port of Odessa we give, and that 230 new jobs, which will have a high enough level not only in Ukraine but also in Europe salary, "said Yuri Gubankov.

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