In the region of Buryatia Khorinsky opened the new building of the kindergarten

In Tegda Horinsky Ulus district inaugurated the third building of the kindergarten "Squirrel", which will take 40 young people in Ulus.

The new building capacity for the two age groups. For each of them equipped with private gaming rooms, spacious bedrooms, bathrooms and showers. Gambling halls are equipped with a special coating with floor heating and a full set of equipment for the development of cognitive abilities of children. Until that time, Ulus Tegda felt a great need for additional space for preschool children.

According to the head Tegdinskim kindergarten "Squirrel" LN Lineytsevoy, about 180 children registered in the Ulus only 65 people were able to attend pre-school educational institution because of a shortage of places. Apart from the construction of the new building of kindergarten, replaced with plastic windows with high insulation windows in two existing buildings, involving a whole range of works on the reconstruction of the old boiler house: the building is erected, installed two new boilers and heating systems are laid. The increase in power boiler to provide heat to allow all three of Yard "Squirrel", the fire department, and part of the nearby houses.

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