In the region of Tatarstan Almetyevsk open family farms

December 27, 2011 in the region of Tatarstan Almetyevsk the opening of three family farms. Just Almetyevsk district manufacture and sell products 13 family farms.

One of the largest family farms pig heads open at 1346 in the village of Rokashevo. To date, the farm 315 pigs. Its creation farmer Nikolai Malyshev received a loan against municipal property, as well as financial assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan. The farm employs 10 people.

The village Suleyeva open barn for 50 head of cattle peasant farming Naila Mannapova. Number of cattle in his farm is 31 goals. Within 11 months of the farms produced 74.8 tons of milk, 2.3 tons of meat. Sold 73.6 tons of milk, 1.8 tons of meat. It employs only 3 people.

In the village of New Nadyrova participants opened kozefermu on 100 goals KFH "Kamalova Sihat", built by Delyus Kamalov. To date on the farm — 73 goats. For 11 months KFH produced 6.88 tons of milk sold 2.5 tons of milk. The farm was built with the financial assistance of "Tatneft". The number of workers on the farm — 3 people.


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