In the Republic of Karelia opened the plant for deep processing of berries

June 8 near Petrozavodsk opened a new factory of "Berries of Karelia" for deep processing of forest and garden berries.

Every year a large number of Karelia going lingonberry, cranberry, blueberry, cloudberry and other berries, but modern equipment for the processing of valuable raw materials has yet to be not only in the country but also in the whole of Russia.

The new plant of forest and garden berries will produce jams, preserves, jams, and various fillers are widely used in the dairy and confectionery industry, in the manufacture of ice cream and juices.   The total investment in the project amounted to 674 million rubles. Of these, more than 500 million credit was JSC "Russian Agricultural Bank". These funds near Petrozavodsk built a new production facility with the most modern Italian machines running on clean and waste-free technology.

The uniqueness of the equipment is that it allows you to preserve all the beneficial qualities of berries and fruits and fully automate the processing of berries.

Hardware kit allows you to build a full production cycle — from electronic clearing berries and fruit to packaging of finished products. Packing in the container may be from 25 grams to 1000 kilograms.

In addition to the primary production at the plant were built refrigerated warehouse, administrative block, gas boiler, transformer substation and sewage treatment plants, let down the pipeline.

Today, the factory created 70 jobs. The average salary is more than 20 thousand rubles. After start-up to full capacity the number of employees in the company will be about 200 people. In addition, the plant whose work will provide employment to people that collect forest and garden berries growing throughout the country.

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