In the Rostov region built agricultural holding for $ 6.5 billion

In the Rostov region the construction of the largest production and processing facility with capacity of 100 000 tonnes of poultry per year.

The investor of the project, which started in 2004, by a group of companies "Optifood." The total investment for this time amounted to 6.5 billion rubles.

in the Rostov region concentrated the main production assets of six areas of growing broiler chicken houses 186, two meat-processing plant, and four hatcheries, feed mills and three construction company.

Today, all businesses "Optifood" are located in Belokalitvenskyi, Kamensky and Semikarakorsk district of Rostov region and are major employers. The total number of employees at the production facilities of the Group companies is more than 3 thousand people.

Until the end of 2011, the Group plans to "Optifood" began work on the creation of its own in the Rostov region pedigree reproducers capacity of 75 million hatching eggs per year, as well as a modern feed mill, the construction of which is designed for two years. Investment in these objects of the company will be around 3 billion rubles.

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