In the Russian army had to speed shooting

Russian troops and security forces have mastered the "rapid fire". The journalists told the head of the physical training of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Colonel Alexander Schepelev.


Touching at a press conference theme of individual military training, they were lit question so-called "rapid-fire". It turns out that earlier, according to the colonel, the Office of the Armed Forces physical training together with the concerned military authorities were made to study the best practices of musketry in the security agencies of the Russian Federation, the armed forces of foreign countries and various sports with the use of fire. For a more thorough review in 2009, there have been several promotional activities on the high-speed shooting with the military — the specialists in this field.


As a result, in January 2010, signed a framework agreement on cooperation between the Russian Defense Ministry and the All-Russian sports public organization "Russian Federation practical shooting." For the purpose of the further development of this activity in 2010, there have been many events in which more than 2,000 professionals familiar with the order of the use of weapons by the methods of practical shooting Russian Federation and have the basic skills or practical high-speed shooting. The main difference between these methods from the existing rules of firearms training is a constantly changing environment in the course of employment, as the target and the surrounding (obstacles, conditions of performance), as well as the presence of a competitive element throughout the study.

High-speed shooting. A.Petrov

And in September of this year already, according to the colonel, organized and conducted the first training-methodical collection of trainers for practical shooting of a staff weapon for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. A training course 25 units of special forces officers and Armed Forces have become certified experts in high-speed shooting. During the collection have been tried new exercises and methods of training soldiers, which will then be incorporated into the training of troops and military educational institutions of the Russian Defense Ministry in view of the combat experience of the existing members fees. The second such gathering to be held in October this year and it has already invited the teachers specialized departments of the military schools Russian Defense Ministry.

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