In the Samara region built a unique farm

The village SOKOLINKA Krasnoyarsk region of Samara region has earned a new dairy farm, built on a unique project.

The roof is constructed as in the northern hemisphere, where most of the year is not enough sun — the sky can be seen through the board. Wall as the Green continent — Automatic with windproof blinds supports vigorous room temperature.

The invention of local livestock — cows racetrack. As planned by animal specialists, daily horny athletes will pass briskly in a circle, under the supervision of instructors. The norm in any weather — 2 miles per workout. Jogging at this stadium, and is useful for the legs, and udder, say veterinarians.

Other means of purely Russian mud and cold — a powerful feather straw. Manure into a bedroom for the animals to clean up only 2 times a year, and it does not skimp on plant debris. Then it all together turns into a hot water bottle.

The rising generation of its own microclimate — in the hangar with an air cushion between the walls of the heating is not required, even in the bitter cold.

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