In the Saratov and Ulyanovsk regions have begun tree-planting work

In the Ulyanovsk region, work began to afforest. In 2012, the planned reforestation will be produced on an area of 2,000 hectares.

For these purposes, in nurseries grown about 15 million pieces of seedlings, which fully meets the needs of lesovossanovleniya scheduled for this period. In addition to bookmarks forest nurseries prepared more than 2,500 kg of seeds that have been laboratory analysis to determine the class of quality in the branch FBU "Russian Centre of Forest Protection" — "Forest protection center of the Ulyanovsk region."

In the tree-planting work involved eight regional forestry and 23 tenants forest areas, some areas of the Ulyanovsk region already begun Digging planting material.

In the Saratov region began spring forestation work.

To mid-May in the region will be planted over four million seedlings of pine, oak and ash on the area 1335 hectares. Currently, the field of forest enterprises have begun work in forest nurseries for digging and planting material sample.

By planting of forest plantations have already started in Balakovo, Baltajsky, Dyakovsky, Lysogorsky, Shirokokaramyshskom Cherkassky and forestry enterprises.


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