In the Saratov region create a cluster of radio-electronic

4 February the presentation of regional electronic cluster, created by the National Research Saratov State University. NG Chernyshevsky together with JSC "NPP" Contact "and small innovative company" Conversion-NUS. "

Innovative Enterprise "Conversion — SGU" was created within the framework of cooperation between the university and the plant "Contact", which was organized by the department of basic micro-and nano-electronics in order to prepare professionals to work on a unique, having no analogues in Russia, equipment. It can only work in conditions of high vibration and dustproof. For the installation of the equipment have been built Vibration special foundations.

"For equipment that no longer exists anywhere in Russia, spent about 200 million rubles., Yet 28 million will be allocated in this year," — Rector said SSU Leonid Kossovich.

The main customers of the "Conversions-SSU" RPE are "Contact" SPC "Almaz-Fazotron" ON "signal." It is used in the manufacture of electronic equipment for civilian and military purposes — highly precise sensors, micro-electronic units for aircraft of the fifth generation of miniature speakers.  

The Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev and regional government ministers attended a small innovative company "Conversion-SSU," based on the "NPP Contact".

The guests visited spetspomeschenie — "clean room" where the produced power and radioactive. There is installed electron-beam lithography high resolution, allowing you to create electronic devices with a minimum size of an element in 8 nanometers. According Kossovich, everything in the world there are 6 such systems: "In the Moscow State University also recently purchased such equipment, but can not install it."

"Now the first stage — the creation of a small business. Now we have to go out and find customers for mass production, the industrial output," — said the governor. He believes that this is the direction in electronics can be a breakthrough for the region, "because in Russia it has not yet been mastered."

"Today, we are holding the first of three scheduled presentations of such structures, — the Leonid Kossovich.- In our work, we stopped at the cluster approach: in this case, as the production site was selected electronics industry "Contact". On the basis of his university created IIP "Conversion-SSU" and his department, where real output is training highly skilled professionals, in-demand electronic industry today. "

Rector of the SSU particularly noted the contribution and support of the management of the region and the NPP "Contact": the work of the project was made possible thanks to the implementation of the Program of Higher MSP and the Agreement between the Government of the Saratov region and the university.

Currently completed Stage 1 — created a unique company "Conversion — SGU", purchased new high-tech equipment, mounted one of the few in Russia "clean room" and launched a line for the production of high-tech products. The next phase — the transition to its mass production, finishing third period will transition to commercialization.

Products university IMSI (Radio-frequency identification tags, delay line, Microwave transistors) Is highly competitive and a wide range of applications. For example, set up RFID tag has a much smaller size than similar foreign-made label, which makes it possible to covert the location of the object. Another distinctive quality of the RFID-tags— Identification with a long range — 20 meters (previous development of Russian scientists — 8 meters).

The event participants familiarized themselves with the structure and capabilities of high-tech equipment and the exposure of finished products business and consumer products.

At the final meeting of the Governor Saratov region Valery Radaev stressed that in a short time created a unique company that produces the desired products for a number of Saratov plants play an important role in the modernization of the regional industry.

"We get finished today an innovative product that will soon be released for mass production. This direction in electronics in Russia practically mastered, and for us it will be a breakthrough. Executive power is ready to support the production of a scientific school and for their further successful development ", — said Valery Radaev.

Now the scientific developments can be implemented into production, and the products based on them — produced on an industrial scale.


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