In the Saratov region opened a milk processing plant

September 13 at the base of the peasant farm Krivtsovo in Nikolaevka Fedorovsk of Saratov region opened shop modular milk processing capacity of 1 ton per day.

The assortment of the brand "Nicholas burenka" includes: milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter. Products are supplied to retail chains, schools, kindergartens and other social facilities district.

As part of the regional target program for the development of food processing industry, we are working to build in remote areas of the small processing industries of dairy products. Their power — 1-10 tons per day. Oblminselhoz provides financial support — subsidizes the purchase of milk and acquisition of equipment.

Last year, the area was launched three dairy companies: in Balashov, Rtishchevsky and Dergachevsky areas, the first power up to 20 tons, the second and the third — 1.5-3 tons per shift. This year started up two workshops — in Osinski and Fedorovskoye areas. Until the end of the year to make a couple of shops — in the Marxist and Novouzensk areas.

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