In the settlement of the JAR installed a new fire equipment

Vehicles specially equipped for fire fighting if necessary may be involved in Dezhnevskaya, Birsk, Nadezhda, Nayfeldskom, Birofeldskom Volochaivs’ka Nicholas and settlements, and in the professional emergency rescue teams EAO special truck came with a full set of necessary equipment and tools to save lives .

— In almost all the settlements established voluntary fire formations. They need to have special equipment to start a fight with the fire before the arrival of the main fire station. In accordance with the action plan, approved by the government, more than three million rubles were allocated for the conversion of the transmitted MOE special equipment. I think these fire engines will be a great help for our communities. In the near future they will have two more cars for the organization of the volunteer fire units, — said the governor, passing technique representatives settlements.

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