In the SEZ Dubna (Moscow region). Openly venture for the production of blood glucose meters and test strips for them

  • shipped the first batch of blood glucose meters, issued at the new plant
  • shipped the first batch of blood glucose meters, issued at the new plant

July 16, 2013 a resident of a special economic zone "Dubna" Company "ARKREY" opened proceedings blood glucose meters and test strips to them and shipped the first batch of high-tech products.

The total cost of the project in the SEZ "Dubna" — two million dollars, a million dollars make capital investments.

In the nearest plans of the company "ARKREY" reinvest the proceeds from the sale of the first batch of production facilities in order to obtain start-up capital for future R & D base and to continue producing products "from scratch." The first step has already been made — found Russian suppliers for some components. For a company that is not only beneficial in terms of purchase price, but also meets the requirements of the localization of production in Russia. 

Participating in the opening ceremony took executive officer and president of ARKRAY Takeshi Matsuda. In his welcoming speech, he thanked all those who assisted in the organization of the SEZ "Dubna" Research and Production Enterprise "ARKREY", reported on the activities of international corporations.

To date, he said, the research and production centers ARKRAY Inc. located in 12 countries around the world, including in Russia, and its products are in more than 80 countries. The opening of the plant in the SEZ "Dubna" will enable the implementation of new development, production and supply in the region, which, according to Mr. Matsuda, allow the Corporation to more quickly respond to customer needs.




The company Arkray in the SEZ "Dubna" import substitution function performs: in 5 years it will take more than 10% of the Russian market of blood glucose meters and supplies, which is still predominantly filled by imports.

General Director of JSC "SEZ" Michael Trushko:

"The demand for blood glucose meters in Russia is growing steadily, fueled by the dynamics of the sad incidence of diabetes. Whereas in 2000, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, was diagnosed 162 thousand new cases by 2012 — already 319 thousand cases. SEZ in partnership with one of the leaders of medical equipment in Japan begins to work actively on the market — a sensitive and socially significant. We aim not just to attract high technology in the country, but to make sure that they were working on a tangible improvement in the quality of people’s daily lives. Here, people suffering from a serious illness. we can do it. And thanks in part to targeted efforts to build the SEZ SEZ unique investment environment, which are made possible projects like project Arkray ".


Additional information about the project:

The company Arkray in the SEZ "Dubna" — the only Russian producer of blood glucose meters, using Japanese technology to produce affordable and excellent quality products. To Arkray company in the SEZ "Dubna" — the first company in Russia. For Russian company Arkray — the first research and production base of foreign origin with a specialization in so sought after by the Russian segment of the patient medical instrument

SEZ — national network of special economic zones, which is engaged in the development of the management company JSC "SEZ", its sole shareholder is the state. The project is implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. JSC "SEZ" was created in 2006. Out of 17 SEZs under the management of JSC "SEZ", 6 specialize in the development of industrial production, technological innovations on 5, 4 on the development of tourism and recreation business, 2 on the development of port and logistics and transportation hubs. In the special economic zone of Russia attracted more than 340 investors from 23 countries. Among them are multinational giants such as 3M, General Motors, Armstrong, Yokohama, Itochu, Air Liquide, Bekaert, Rockwool, Novartis, Nokia Siemens Networks and others. Volume claimed by residents of investments exceeded 400 billion rubles.

Arkray — Japanese company founded in 1960. Controls 60% of the Japanese market of medical equipment for the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes blood sugar. Operates 17 factories, scientific and manufacturing facilities in Japan, the U.S., Britain, China, the Philippines. Now in Russia.

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