In the Siberian Krasnoyarsk fire and rescue


On March 1, Zheleznogorskiy branch of the St. Petersburg State University Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations renamed the Siberian fire and rescue academy, the press service of the administration of Zheleznogorsk.

According to the deputy head of the St. Petersburg University, Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations Paul Tkachev, the decision was made to modernize Institute has Sergei Shoigu. The new Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov supported the initiative and issued a corresponding order. Independent school must appear within one to two years.

The plans of the university for the current year — the end of building a swimming pool and a new academic building in 2014 — Ice Palace. In addition, to increase staff numbers. "This year we’ll do the last set — one hundred people. Still stands about 40 units of permanent staff, creating new divisions, "- said Pavel Tkachev.

As the head of the closed Vadim Medvedev, "for Zheleznogorsk MES — our strategic partner — as well as Rosatom and the Federal Space Agency. We made the most will help ensure that the people who serve in the MOE in Zheleznogorsk, their children, families feel comfortable. " Medvedev also said that in the near future will put a residential apartment building for emergency workers.

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