In the sky above the Ryazan soared Bears

Ryazan, January 20, AIF Ryazan.Pilots airbase Diaghilev in Ryazan, where the center of the deployment and retraining crews of distant aircraft and aviation group refueling aircraft IL-78, after the Christmas and New Year celebrations resumed flights as part of military training. To date, the long-range aviation crews have completed more than 10 flight shifts, flew about 1,000 hours. At the airport Ryazan Diaghilev began training flights of strategic bombers.

In flights involved aircraft Il-78 tankers and bombers: supersonic bomber with variable geometry wing of the Tu-22M3 and Tu-95 MS (NATO classification — "The Bear").

Prior to the aerodrome carried out a range of engineering works, prepared airstrip, airfield tested and communication equipment. On the flight crews was conducted prior preparation for flight.

The first flights of the new year is traditionally aimed at restoring piloting after the break, practicing take-off, landing, flying "around" in the terminal area during the day and at night.

Since the end of January 2013 long-range aviation crews continue to perform tasks according to the plans of strategic deterrence in the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific Oceans, the Black Sea, and on the routes along the borders of the Commonwealth of Independent States, as a base, and with operational airfields.

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