In the Smolensk region has begun construction of an LNG

In Holm-Zhirkovskom District of Smolensk Oblast, began construction of the largest in the European part of Russia set a liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Power production facility for liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is scheduled to be operational in the Smolensk region in the fourth quarter of 2016 will amount to 21 tonnes per hour or more than 150 tonnes per year. A similar facility built in the Kaliningrad region and is almost ready for use. However, the performance of Kaliningrad "brother" for liquefied natural gas — only 3 tons per hour.

 The main investor of the complex in the Hill-area Zhirkovskom the company "Sadhana-Yar." The project is implemented by bringing in private, including foreign investment. Partners — the company Nasco actively supported it and has expressed a desire to participate not only in projects for the development of production, but also in projects for the creation of appropriate infrastructure for transportation and consumption of LNG. A further step will be to organize the production of tank farm for the transportation of LNG, including for export. Thus, step by step plan to implement a systematic approach, ensuring the growth of domestic consumption of liquefied natural gas in the Smolensk region.

Selection process and engineering solutions as well as the further operation of the installation will be a subsidiary of OAO "Gazprom" — LLC "Gas-Oil." Smolensky complex will be the most modern and high-tech manufacturing in the industry, as laid in the basis of production technology meets the highest environmental standards, is unparalleled energy efficiency and conservation. This is a direct impact on plant productivity and production costs.

It is noteworthy that the project provides the solution of socio-economic problems. In addition to the gasification far from unified gas supply system of settlements, it is about ensuring uninterrupted power supply capabilities, creating new areas for energy production, improve the ecological situation in the region.

With the successful implementation of such an ambitious project, the economy Holm-Zhirkovskogo district and the whole of the Smolensk region will receive a strong impetus to the development. After all, only during the construction period the amount of additional tax revenues to the regional budget will be about a billion rubles. In addition, a number of companies in the region will be able to receive orders for equipment for the future of the complex.

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