In the Smolensk region reburied the remains of soldiers

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Smolensk by the German fascist invaders on Pokrovsky betrayed military burial ground remains of 50 soldiers who died in battles for the city in the summer of 1941. 
At all times, one of the first Smolensk took the blows of the enemy, who tried to conquer Russia. The ancient city has always given a fitting rebuff to the enemy.

The remains of 47 soldiers, 129 soldiers and 152 infantry divisions personnel killed in the villages passes, Korohotkino and airfield "North", failed to identify. They re-buried as unknown soldiers. Personality of the other three are known. It’s Red Army Konstantin Gerasemchuk native of Irkutsk region, Timur Halimov of Tatarstan and Alexei Zakharov of Moscow region. Heroes were identified by their soldiers medallions. Currently, relatives found only one of them — Constantine Gerasemchuka. However, close due to lack of funds could not attend the ceremony. Relatives of the other two characters are wanted.
In the meeting dedicated to the reburial was attended by representatives of various veterans organizations, war veterans, members, officers and members of the public, search engines group "Front", the soldiers of the garrison of Smolensk and students. Lity over the remains of fallen soldiers held archpriest of the temple "of the Holy Martyr Mercury Smolensk" Father Vladimir.

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