In the Southern Military District received new models of weapons

In Motorized Infantry Brigade, stationed in Volgograd, received new models of weapons and military equipment.

Artillery units were upgraded 155-mm self-propelled howitzer "MSTA-S" with the automated system guidance and fire control.

This self-propelled gun is capable of firing different types of ammunition, including the NATO rounds of the sample, as well as laser-guided missile homing "Krasnopol-M" capable of hitting small targets at a distance of 20 km.

Also entered into a compound-propelled anti-aircraft gun-missile system "Tunguska", designed for air defense units, and which ensures destruction of low-flying air targets, including "hovering" helicopter, while working with the place and on the move.

Intelligence units of the brigade equipped with new portable radars intelligence and guidance systems, the detection range which is more than two times higher than the possibility of their predecessors.

In general, due to the intense re troops County the share of modern weapons and military equipment to the formations and units of about 70%.

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