In the Southern Military District troops received new field bakery

In the framework of the state defense order in the division logistics (MTO) motorized connections of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), deployed in the city of Volgograd, received 3 new trailer bakery unit PCB-04. In the near future delivery of two more blocks.

PCB-04 is intended for the production of tin wheat, rye-wheat and rye bread in the field. Just enough for a batch of two soldiers, a baker and his assistant.

The possibilities of mobile bakeries allow a day to 300 kg tin bread from wheat flour first grade weight of 1.2 kg each, and more than 400 kg of sliced bread from rye wholemeal flour weighing 1.7 kg.

In the near future the staff of nearly fulfills standards for fresh bread baking in the field at the military range Prudboy during a field exit MTO unit in preparation for the upcoming strategic exercises "Caucasus-2012".

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