In the southern Urals appeared mobile asphalt plant

In the Chelyabinsk region appeared mobile asphalt plant. He produces only the highest quality blend and does not pollute the environment.

If you need a mobile marvel of modernity will be on the other side of the field in just a week. The plant is located on four trailers, the vertical tower converted into a horizontal position is fixed for the tractor and went to another place, such as a rack or road to the place of extraction of raw materials.

Another feature of the plant — the work does not stop there, even under the most demanding conditions — whether high humidity or excessive dust content of the starting material. The whole process is fully automated operation, but there are manual control system.

Are working on a mobile asphalt concrete plant in two shifts and only 2 people — the operator and his assistant. Modern computer system is not only reliable, but also cleans the unwanted impurities from the raw materials to be 99.97%.

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