In the SSC RF — IPPE launched a major liquid metal stand Octopus (Obninsk)


At the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation — Institute for Physics and Power Engineering named after AI Leypunsky (FSUE "SSC RF — IPPE") launched a major liquid metal stand "OCTOPUS". To date it is the only stand in the world, which allows nodes to work out a full-scale steam generators.

Steam generators in the reactor units with liquid metal — one of the most important pieces from the point of view of safety and reliability of the plant. Stand simulates two elements of steam generators, which will be in the lead reactor "BREST". The complexity of the stand is that it works on supercritical water, ie, lead coolant at a temperature of 500-600 degrees and the water with the same parameters as in "Brest" even higher, i.e. to supercritical values of pressure — more than 250 bar.

At the stand of "Octopus" power of more than 1 MW, it is not insulated, and the data that is produced today, can justify not only the closing ratio of heat transfer, but also to see the stability of the work as separate steam generator tubes, and possible instability, and to determine the work working two or three steam generators. The data obtained will enable designers to design a reliable installation.

It should be noted that the experiment — is complicated, it is necessary to prepare several years, since the work area, with justification of operating modes with equipment, etc. This is the first experimental study of this scale in the framework of the Federal Target Program "a new generation of nuclear energy for the period 2010-2015 and up to 2020." In this experimental study involved experts SSC RF — IPPE, OKB "Hydraulic" and NIKIET.

A key project is a project of the Federal Program "BREAKTHROUGH" — development of nuclear power technologies based on natural safety of fast reactors and closed nuclear fuel cycle. All the decisions that will be taken in the process of drafting a "breakthrough", including the final selection of a new coolant for power generation should be verified experimentally.

Developed in the framework of the "breakthrough" complex technology of nuclear power new technology platform to be implemented on a trial (up to 2020) and then (estimated in 2025) commercial nuclear power complex, which includes nuclear power plants with nuclear reactors fast neutron production of nuclear fuel processing and preparation of all types of radioactive waste for final disposal. Here, as the base is considered reactor plant with liquid metal coolant.

Source: Press Office of the SSC RF — IPPE

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