In the Stavropol prepare 45,000 jobs

In Nevinnomyssk March 14 held a meeting board of the Ministry of economic development of the Stavropol Territory, to discuss implementation issues in the region for investment and innovative projects, ranging from the highest priority, supported at the federal level, and finishing projects township level.

For a systematic approach to the implementation of investment projects and ensure their monitoring at the edge of defined lists of priority investment projects of the four levels. To date lists of approved investment levels 1-3, which included 222 projects totaling more than 500 billion rubles, suggesting the creation of nearly 45,000 new jobs. Marginal Economic Development prepared and submitted for approval to the leadership of the region’s list of investment projects, the fourth level (township), which is expected to enter 272 projects totaling more than 58 billion rubles. Their implementation will create more than 8,000 new jobs.

Open access of all interested parties to the information about the current state of the Stavropol Territory investment will be provided through the establishment of an electronic register of projects, which will accumulate all the necessary information. Loading data into the registry and their treatment will SUE "Management Company of the investment and innovation development of the Stavropol Territory."


Literacy is carried out on the territory of the region’s investment policy is confirmed by the positive dynamics of investment, high credit ratings, as well as the growing number of investors from around the world working in the Stavropol region. Thus, the growth of investments made to develop the economy and social sphere region in the past year was 9.7% (from 106.7 billion rubles). This indicator remains positive trend over the past few years: in 2007 — 55.4 billion rubles, in 2008 — 75.1 billion rubles, in 2009 — 78.5 billion rubles, in 2010 — 89.1 billion rubles .

Specific examples cited Deputy Minister — Head of the modernization of the economy, innovation and nanotechnology regional Economic Development Minister Andrei Chekryzhenkov. For instance, "Heinz" first among Western firms built in Russia in the city of Stavropol Territory Georgiyevsk plant for production of baby food. During the period of development of the enterprise product range has grown from a few to almost two dozen titles, with the recommendation of the Russian pediatricians, nutritionists, national traditions and tastes to create new recipes. A subsidiary of «The Coca-Cola Company» — "Coca-Cola Bottlers Stavropol region" — to the regional economy has invested more than $ 12 million by implementing a project to build a plant for the production of soft drinks in Andropovsk area.

Another foreign investor — German holding "Lindal Group" (one of the three largest European manufacturers of aerosol valves and accessories) has invested more than € 5 million in construction at the plant Nevinnomysska cans of aerosol cans — the newest, unparalleled European production threefold from an aerosol can tinplate. The company "Woodstock" is planning to establish a joint Russian-Hungarian company at the center of the corn in the region of Southern Russia — near Novoaleksandrovsk, intending to invest in the implementation of the investment 1.2 billion rubles. The company’s plans — to create a modern seed systems, which allows to produce high-quality seeds of high genetic merit, not inferior to imported seeds, and at more affordable prices. Structural unit of the German company Henkel in Russia — «Henkel Bautechnic" — plans to build a plant in the Stavropol region for the production of high-quality mixes, primers and paints, with a capacity of 120-130 thousand tons of finished products per year. Total cost of the project amounts to about half a billion rubles.

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