In the Stavropol region harvested a record for a hundred years, the grain yield

The record for a hundred years, grain yield harvested in the Stavropol region, said the governor of the region Valery Gajewski at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.


"In the bins filled up 7.6 million tons of grain. It is almost 97 percent of the harvested area. It will be a bumper crop of centennial history of the Stavropol Territory "- quoted Gajewski agency ITAR-TASS. According to him, has already collected 20% more grain than in previous years.

The regional authorities are planning to implement a program of land reclamation cost of $ 1.5 billion. Besides the three years in the Stavropol region plan to double the yield of vegetables.

The Prime Minister supported the plans of the governor and said that the quality of Russian vegetables already rated foreign partners with whom he met. "Yesterday I just met in the evening with our foreign partners. Over dinner brought a salad. They say: "Just felt organic vegetables. Apparently, the local ". Perhaps, in Europe, too unaccustomed to good products ", — Putin said.

Gajewski also said that the plans for the region two years to increase milk production by 120,000 tons and 175,000 tons — of meat per year.

In general, according to Gajewski, the number of profitable agro-industrial farms in the province is 93 percent.

The governor also said that some time ago talked to Nikolai Fyodorov, who is now preparing a program for the All-Russia People’s Front, and gave him suggestions in the field of agricultural development.

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