In the Stavropol region launched a program of resettlement of slum dwellings

Nevinnomissk became one of the first cities in the Stavropol region, where the edge is realized address program "Resettlement of emergency housing", carried out in the framework of the priority national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing — to Russian citizens".

In December 2011, the city commissioned the first three-story apartment building, intended for the resettlement of residents from 12 apartment damaged houses. For its construction were sent to more than 31 million rubles from the budgets of all levels.

Used in the construction of new materials and technology, made-in ramp for wheelchairs. Currently, the transfer is home to the municipality. It is planned that by March tenants of emergency buildings will move to a new apartment.

Thus Nevinnomyssk launched the development of a new urban neighborhood of low-rise building, which has already begun construction of another apartment building for the relocation of the emergency shelter, there is improvement, created corresponding social infrastructure, extended passenger bus route and set the pavilion.

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