In the Stavropol region launched the first Russian company fertilizers for drip irrigation

Stavropol company became the first Russian producer of fertilizers for drip irrigation.

September 28 in the city of Lermontov, Stavropol Territory in the framework of the investment project of "Hydrometallurgical Plant" has launched a new type of industrial production of water-soluble phosphorus-potassium fertilizer — monopotassium phosphate (KH2PO4).

A feature of this type of fertilizer is that it can use in drip irrigation plants.

The investment project involves the expansion of production worth about 2.5 billion rubles. Leaders hydrometallurgical plant intends to increase the production of water-soluble phosphate fertilizer and aluminum-scandium master alloy, as well as to master the production of new products, including scandium and rare earth elements, which are highly regarded in the automotive, aerospace, defense and energy, agriculture and construction sector. The project will be in 2014."At the present time in Russia JSC" GMZ "- the only company that has mastered production of monopotassium — said the first deputy chairman of the Government of Stavropol Krai Victor Wood Screws. — The decision to implement was made after a study of the needs of the domestic market in different types of fertilizers. As it turned out, it was the most monopotassium demand from farmers edges. It is widely used for vegetables and flowers in greenhouses and open field nurseries, and is used by agricultural producers for foliar feeding of all types of plants. Popularly fertilizer and owners of summer cottages. "

Manufacturers have assured that the product quality meets state standards, and the production capacity to meet the needs of this product in the domestic market and offer it for export.

The project is included in the list of state guarantees on loans granted to investment projects on the territory of the North Caucasus Federal District. Guarantee amount — 1,000,000,000 180,900,000 rubles.

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