In the suburban town of Klin plant was opened for the production of foam

September 12

In the Klin district opened a factory "Trocellen RUS" for the production of polyethylene.

The plant began operation in May 2011. But the grand opening was made just now, when the plant went out on an industrial power.

"Trocellen RUS" — is 100 tons per month cross-linked polyethylene foam, modern insulating material. Its range of application engineers are still studying. Foam used in construction, home repair, automotive, sporting goods industry and even in the production of shoes. And "Trocellen RUS" — is 50 jobs.

Today, the production line of the plant is designed to produce 100 tonnes of finished products per year (capacity is 50% of the power plant). After the performance will be increased to 80% can think about investing in the construction and launch of the second line. Impeccable quality of the product is maintained at the desired level due to strict adherence to the process parameters: Workers stations monitor the temperature conditions, the speed of the machine in different areas, the timing of various processes, precision metering of materials and precision cutting of finished products. Laser cutting and engraving — a new high technology production, which features modern technology and high quality finished products. The enterprise now employs 53 people, including 12 newcomers.

Russian production of foam in the Klin district was launched in May 2011 in accordance with the requirements of international standards, using the best equipment, the latest technology and high quality raw materials. A wide range of Trocellen is based on chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam with closed cell structure of the brand Polifoam. Due to its properties this material finds its use in a variety of areas ranging from the production sector in the field of tourism, sport and recreation to capital construction, tunnel construction, industry and automotive industry. As told to "Radio Wedge" General Director "Trocellen RUS" Sergei Krimov, the construction of the plant began five years ago.

Ltd. "Trocellen RUS" was founded in 2002 and is now part of the concern Trocellen, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of cross-linked polyethylene — durable, efficient and environmentally friendly insulation material with high levels of heat-, sound-, hydro-and vapor barrier in any of the areas of application.

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