In the Sverdlovsk region began construction of the first companies SEZ Titanium Valley

The first resident of SEZ "Titanium Valley" — LLC "Stroydizel-Composite" started construction work at the site of a special economic zone in the Upper Salda. By September of this year, here will bring construction materials and equipment, as well as manufacturing equipment and lines for the production of nanostructured composite fiberglass pipe. The total area of the industrial site of the plant will be about 5 hectares.

The first phase of the plant for the production of composite pipe will open in November 2013. Fully complex will start in the summer of 2014. The company is designed for 500 jobs.

To date, the site "Titanium Valley" completed items such as temporary road, including plots to residents in the area 2,000 square meters, designed for the construction period for storage of equipment and materials that are imported into the SEZ for the construction of engineering and road infrastructure, as well as a temporary exit for cars and trucks off the road Nizhniy Tagil — Upper Salda in the area of the SEZ.

Construction work on such objects as offsite pipeline, offsite production and fire-fighting water, InfoCube, as well as the headquarters building.

In August of this year to begin a vertical layout within the SEZ and construction of the perimeter fence of the customs zone. Has already signed a contract for technological connection to networks IDGC of Urals, in which in 2014 will be completed substation "Titan".

Currently, a project of reconstruction of railway station for the needs of residents. 

To date, agreements on industrial-production activities on the territory of SEZ "Titanium Valley" with the following companies:

Ltd. "Sinersis." The project — "Production of energy-efficient high-voltage equipment" (a total investment of about 400 million rubles);

LLC "Ural Optical factory." The project — "Organization of fiber-optic cable with subsequent production of import of primary materials for the manufacture of optical fibers" (the total amount of investments — 474.9 million rubles);

Ltd. "Stroydizel-Composite. The project — "Production of nanostructured composite fiberglass pipe" (the total amount of investments — 1,766 million);

Ltd. "Praksayr Titanium Valley". The project — "Construction of a high-tech plant for filling containers with industrial and special gas" (the total amount of investments — 235 million rubles).

In addition, in April of this year at a meeting of the Advisory Council for Industrial and manufacturing special economic zones in the Russian Ministry of Economic Development approved the investment project of the company "Ural Machine" (the initiator of the project — OOO "SDM"). The project — "Production of construction equipment" (the total amount of investments — 564.6 million rubles).

Among the planned residents:

JSC "NPP" Mashprom "(production of molds of continuous casting machines on Japanese technology, the total amount of investments — 7,500 million);

CJSC "Steel Industrial Company" (the construction of the factory coated steel SEC, the total amount of investments — 5,000 million);

Company "Yaroslavl factory industrial paints" Ural "(the creation of the enterprise for the production of plastics and powder coating equipment, the total amount of investments — 400 million rubles);

JSC "Alcoa SMZ" (the creation of a corporation "VSMPO" co-production of hollow aluminum profiles for the construction of the car body of railway transport, the total investment — more than 1600 million).

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