In the Sverdlovsk region has started a mini-hydro

3 October in the village of Nizhneirginskoe Krasnoufimsky district of Sverdlovsk region on the banks of a pond formed by the confluence of the rivers and Irgina Shurtan, began work mini-hydro power plant.

The new power plant on the waterworks Nizhneirginskom — one of the pilot projects in the region in the development of small-scale power and energy from renewable energy sources, implemented within the framework of the regional target program "Energy saving in the Sverdlovsk region."

Mini-hydro power plant is connected to a single power supply, and will be an additional source of supply for hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and about a thousand inhabitants living in the private sector of the settlement.

To date, the region built three mini-hydro: Kiselevskaya on the waterworks in Serov urban district on Nizhneirginskom waterworks in the urban district and Krasnoufimsk Verhnesysertskom Syserstkom waterworks in the urban district. According to experts, the average annual hydroelectric power generation resource will be not less than 100 kilowatts per hour. Cost of electric energy generated by the station will not exceed 80 cents per 1 kWh.

"Despite the fact that the whole area of our surplus in electricity, we can not ignore the fact that in the Middle Urals is still a lot of hard-to-distant from the centralized power of settlements in need of additional, reliable and stable energy supply. One of them — the village Nizhneirginskoe. Today we can say with full confidence that the commissioning of the mini-hydro, instead of economically disadvantaged additional construction of high-power transmission lines, was thus optimal and efficient solution which will bring all the problems of energy supply in the village is not "- said Nikolai Smirnov at inauguration ceremony object.

Sverdlovsk region was one of the first regions in the Russian Federation, where even before the federal law "On energy saving and energy efficiency" was initiated work on a number of "pilot" projects in the development of small-scale power and energy from renewable energy sources (RES). To improve the regional fuel and energy base and a better use of renewable energy in the energy balance of Sverdlovsk region have the potential to involve small-scale hydropower, and the bet was made on the mini-hydro. Place to put them, including Nizhneirginsky waterworks, were selected on the basis of research of the Department of Atomic Energy of Ural State Technical University (now Urfa).

First of all, the selection of experts was due to the remoteness of communities with such a strategically important social facilities like schools, hospitals, kindergartens, maternity homes, etc. from the main power grid. The second aspect became economic calculations confirmed the economic inefficiency of the construction of high-power transmission lines here.

In the future, based on an analysis of indicators of practical application objects, the Government of Sverdlovsk Region will decide whether to replicate the experience in the territories of other municipalities of the region.



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