In the Sverdlovsk region opened processing plant toxins ferroalloy production

In the village of Dvurechensk Sverdlovsk region Kluchevskoy concentrator I opened the queue for processing slag dumps, waste ferroalloy production formed in 70-year history of "QMF."

As the vice-president of the management company "Super Alloys" Victor pits, man-made materials processing will produce more than 20 kinds of products demanded by enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cement and refractory industries as well as for the production of cement.

The project cost about $ 3 million, and its completion will increase the capacity for processing slag from 25 to 75 thousand tons per year.

Start the production site "Kluchevskaya concentrator" (Sysertskiy district) for processing slag create additional 130 jobs and will simultaneously solve the environmental objective of reducing the volume of waste disposal and the task of engaging in economic circulation 2.5 million tons of slag dump.

The treatment and rehabilitation will be terminated shlakootvala emissions and discharge to groundwater and surface water contaminated substances. Will be restored and disturbed the natural landscape.

"Sverdlovsk Oblast was the first in the domestic and foreign practice, the region where the method has been developed for industrial utilization of complex, multi-component man-made structures, which is based on the technology of production of LLC" KOF ", — says the representatives of the Ministry of Industry of the Sverdlovsk.

Recall that in the III quarter of 2010, the launch of the first phase of "Kluchevskoy processing plant." Which enabled the Group "Super Alloys" get out of toxins accumulated over decades of "Kliuchevskoi Ferroalloy Plant" products with high added value.

"Sami slags are valuable raw materials a variety of applications, as the chemical basis aluminothermal slag is alumina, the average content of which, as a rule, more than 50 percent. This is its fundamental difference from all other metallurgical slags. The problem is that the slag from the different alloys are mixed. Therefore, the problem of slag processing is separation of metal from slag, metal and metal alloys from slag one species from another, "- said the potholed noting that the company adopted the open method of X-ray radiometric separation.

This is a new highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-saving technology, which is based on the results of many years of the development of radiometric methods of enrichment. According to the pothole, a complex processing of slag in the world as long as it was not conducted.

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